iRef Guide: German Grammar

The iRef Guide:  German Grammar, is the perfect “Quick Reference Guide” for quick and easy access to basic GermaniRef Guide: German Grammar  Grammar information on-the-go. Each guide contains all of the basics of German Grammar with a brief explanation of each topic. You can use the iRef Guide to quickly study any topic in German Grammar, or use it for reference when writing or translating. Since it’s mobile, it’s always easy to access no matter where you are. Those laminated study guides are sooo 20th century! This guide also includes a bonus appendix featuring the principal parts of all of the most commonly used strong and mixed German verbs.

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I’m a beginner German language student and later sections of this book are more advanced than my current needs, but it has been extremely helpful to me. My German vocabulary is a bit limited, but thanks to this guide and the examples it gives, my understanding of German grammar is more advanced than the level of my German vocabulary, heh (which is opposite for most people at my level). But seriously, though, this has been of great help to me and is, perhaps, the most useful guide that a beginner German language student will have. Now if only the author would make an iRef guide for the most used German verbs and/or nouns, etc! I would buy it on the spot.

    —N. Bashour,

This reference guide presents German grammar in a thorough but concise way, starting with the basics and working up to the more complex. I studied German in high school and college and am currently making an effort to re-learn it; this guide is a good tool for someone in my situation to consult. It would also be useful for someone learning the language for the first time, as it explains everything from the ground up.

    — S. Sinclair,

This book provides a fast and easy way to easily find all of the basic rules of German grammar with a concise explanation and examples. The table of contents links each category so you can easily jump from one to another. The listing of all common strong verbs and their principal parts is also quite useful. This is a great, mobile quick reference.

    — P. van der Boom,