iRef Guide: Spanish Grammar

The iRef Guides: Spanish Grammar, is the perfect “Quick Reference Guide” for quick and easy access to basic Spanish iRef Guide: Spanish GrammarGrammar information on-the-go. Each guide contains all of the basics of Spanish Grammar with a brief explanation of each topic. You can use the iRef Guide to quickly study any topic in Spanish Grammar, or use it for reference when writing or translating. Since it’s mobile, it’s always easy to access no matter where you are. Those laminated study guides are sooo 20th century!

And at only $.99, you can’t afford not to have it!

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A succinct, concise, reference guide that’s simple but contains all the grammar info I need. If you already know a little bit of Spanish but are a bit rusty or need a reminder, this is a great, CHEAP tool. For 99 cents, it is definitely worth it!

    — K. Cheon,

I’ve found this to be a very good Spanish reference. It covers the fundamentals of the language thoroughly and is organized into concise sections in a logical way. It starts from the ground up, making it a good choice for beginning students, but more advanced students will find it useful as a reference for topics such as the different subjunctive cases.

    — S. Sinclair,

It is nice to see a simple Spanish grammar reference book. I was impressed with how the sections were chunked-out. It is very easy to do a refresher (as I often need) and not have to plod through pages to find verb tense conjugations, etc. I an advance beginner Spanish speaker and need quick and easy guide when I need help. Nicely done.

    — M. Martinez,